Trips and Visits 2023-2024

Horton Park: Autumn: Year 1:

Pupils identify and learn the signs of Autumn; changing leaf colour, conkers, falling seeds and leaves, leaves on the ground, and many more amazing Autumn signs:

Ingleborough Hall Residential: Year 6:

Ingleborough Hall Outdoor Education Centre is an historic lodge surrounded by acres of private grounds in the picturesque village of Clapham in North Yorkshire.
The venue sits just inside the Yorkshire Dales National Park, at the foot of Ingleborough hill. The area is home to many of the most famous caves in England, including the Ingleborough Show Cave.
The Hall itself dates to 1847 when the Farrer family of London owned it. They used it as a hunting lodge and country home. The Grade 2 listed building includes an icehouse, underground tunnel and eight acres of rich woodlands and formal gardens.
Today, Ingleborough Hall is an outdoor learning centre under the management of Bradford Council. It offers a variety of adventure activities and lessons for students on schools trips and residentials. Some of the daytime activities available for school groups visiting Ingleborough Hall include:
Caving, Gorge scrambling, Orienteering, Geocaching, Team building and problem-solving exercises, Village study, Tree climbing and many other activities.
For many students, a school residential at Ingleborough Hall will offer their first away-from-home experience, providing the perfect opportunity for them to become more independent.

Tree Climbing:
Gorge Scrambling:
Orienteering, Geocaching, Team building and problem-solving exercises and  Village study:

Cartwright Hall: Andy Warhol Workshop: Pop Art: Year 2:

Pop art is a style of art is based on simple, bold images of everyday items, such as soup cans, painted in bright
colours.  Pop artists created pictures of consumer product labels and packaging, photos of celebrities, comic strips, and animals.   

Cliffe Castle: Rocks and Fossils Workshop: Year 3 Alder:

Pupils became archaeologists, geologists and palaeontologists for the day in their quest to research rocks and fossils.  

Cartwright Hall: Mondrian Workshops: Year 1:

The workshop uses examples of Piet Mondrain’s artwork and other artworks to introduce children to shapes and colour. Piet Mondrian was a Dutch painter who was born in 1872. At one time, Mondrian painted realistic landscapes, but as he painted more and more, his style began to change. Eventually, Mondrian’s style consisted of geometric shapes and primary colours. After all, every shape can be created from the basic geometric shapes and every colour can be created from the primaries – red, yellow and blue.