Lunchtime Awards

Lunchtime Top Table Award

Once a week, a pupil from each year group is selected by the lunchtime supervisors to have lunch on a special table with the Head of School. A personalised invite is sent home to invite the child and a friend to come and dine in style. Every Thursday a special table is set up and lunch is served to the children at the table, who have the chance to have a good chat with Miss Ngenda. Children are chosen for demonstrating excellent behaviour during lunchtime and for following the school rules. 


Lunchtime Raffle Award

All of our lunchtime supervisors have raffle tickets, which are given out to pupils to recognise and reward positive behaviour. While lunchtime supervisors are on duty they keep an eye out for pupils that might be helping others, listening to adults first time, lining up well or generally being nice and well mannered. The raffle tickets are stored in special boxes in each class, which are drawn at the end of each half term. The winner from each class receives a prize and recognition for their behaviour in the whole school assembly.