School Council

In our School Council, we have four children in each year from Years 1 to 6. We meet every two or three weeks to discuss our next plans.

Our aim is to improve the school by listening to all pupils. Pupils can pass their suggestions to their class representatives or they can put it in one of the suggestion boxes.

Every half term, we meet with other schools in our  LAP (Local Authority Partnership): Exceed. We share new ideas and talk about what we have achieved.

If you have any questions for the school council, please contact the office.

Watch this space for upcoming events organised by the school council.

Miss Townend


This year we are continuing to support The Children’s Heart Surgery Fund by taking part in a ‘Red Day’ on Friday 1st February.  The Children’s Heart Foundation is a charity that supports families of children who are receiving intensive care.

When Mrs Ljimani’s daughter, Ariana, was 6 months old she had open heart surgery. Thankfully she made a full recovery but it is thanks to the Children’s Heart Foundation that Mrs Ljimani received the support she and her family needed when Ariana was in hospital.

One of our pupils in Year 4- Malaika Azeem- had open heart surgery last year and will still require further treatment.

Good luck!

Minutes from meetings:


School Council Minutes