School Council

Our School Council is a group of students chosen by their classmates to represent their ideas and make our school a better place. Each class votes for their School Council members democratically, making sure everyone’s voice is heard.

What We Do:

  • Share Ideas: Council members listen to their classmates and bring their ideas and concerns to the meetings. This helps everyone feel heard.
  • Improve the School: We work with teachers to find ways to make our school even better, from new playground equipment to improved school dinners
  • Plan Events: The School Council helps organise events like charity fundraisers and celebrations, making school life more exciting and enjoyable.
  • Talk with Leaders: We meet with school leaders to discuss what students think and suggest improvements, acting as a bridge between students and teachers.
  • Recruitment: Council members are sometimes used when recruiting new staff to the school




School Councillors have spoken to children throughout school and discussed how they feel we can help to improve their mental health. Developing a woodland nature reserve was a popular idea. Lots of children said that they felt having a quiet, natural, outdoor environment to relax within nature would be welcomed. A meeting had been arranged with Mr Brown, our Site Manager, to discuss how we could create a woodland space.

They also suggested that they would like to be able to invite pets or animals into school to spend time with them during the school day. Many children said that they had heard about therapy dogs being used to help child calm down in schools. The School Council have now arranged a visit to Harden Primary to see how they use a school therapy dog. 


School Council organised fund raising for Children in Need.


School Council helped to organise PSHE week.



School Council helped to organise Transition Day.