The teaching of Maths is based on the National Curriculum and the White Rose Primary Maths resources are used to support teaching. Our curriculum ensures that pupils are provided with opportunities for successful acquisition, consolidation and application of core mathematical knowledge. 

Our Maths curriculum planning for each year group is carefully sequenced to build mathematical knowledge, concepts and procedures over time. Learning is broken down in small steps that are covered in a logical order. 

Within the curriculum many opportunities are  provided for children to revisit previous learning to ensure that it becomes embedded in their long term memory. Time is systematically built in for retrieval, review and overlearning. This supports children’s rapid and accurate recall, allowing them to work with increasing independence and to apply their mathematical knowledge to more complex concepts and opportunities for problem-solving. We want to help children to see the links between maths and other subjects and deepen their understanding through investigations and applications of maths across the curriculum.

The progression document below details how Key Stage 1 and 2 National Curriculum objectives are covered, and how it the curriculum progresses through topics.

In each of the major topic areas (Number, Measurement, Geometry and Statistics), the curriculum has been broken down into key areas. For each of these areas, you can then see which NC objectives are covered in that year, together with the term and block in which that objective is first met.

Maths NC coverage and progression document

Times Tables Rock Stars is a programme used to increase confidence and strengthen children’s fluency and recall in multiplication and division. 

Click here to login to Times Tables Rock Stars. 

Numbots is a programme used to improve children’s recall and fluency in mental addition and subtraction.

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