Raving Readers

Raving Readers

At Copthorne we recognise and promote the importance of developing a love of reading and the platform it gives for every child’s future, using a reward scheme called ‘Raving Readers’.

We encourage children to read as much as possible, preferably every day, to improve their reading fluency and their comprehension skills. Every time a pupil reads and their reading record is signed by a responsible adult they receive a tick on the Raving Reader chart in their classroom.

In addition to reading, children have a number of reading journal tasks that they must complete to support their learning.

When the children reach a certain number of ticks and have completed their reading journal tasks, they receive a prize in the weekly Key Stage reward assembly.

Table of Rewards

Number of Ticks Prize Tasks from Reading Journals
25 Badge Complete 3
50 Leather bookmark Complete 7
100 Book for the class 10 tasks completed
200 Book for yourself 15 tasks completed
250 Trip to Waterstones All tasks completed
Golden Reader 300 Book voucher Their chosen Book for a book of the month review (for the library) to be completed