BLP (Building Learning Power)

The goal of BLP is to develop our pupil’s independence so that they are equipped with the learning habits needed to help them thrive beyond the walls of Copthorne. 
BLP is deeply ingrained in both teaching and learning across our school and the ethos of each classroom: through the use of different BLP ‘muscles’, we aim to develop the attitudes of curious, confident and independent learners. The language of BLP is actively used by pupils, teachers and support staff and children clearly understand the of the different aspects of BLP and can confidently explain how each muscle underpins and supports their learning. 
The use of BLP is celebrated weekly across the school. Through weekly awards, pupils are learning to recognise and develop their roles as ‘good learners’ rather than ‘good students’. They understand that learning and challenge are not always about getting something right, but rather about the effort they put into their learning. This promotes a growth mindset approach within the children, helping them to become lifelong, resilient learners. 
To ensure pupils have ownership over their learning, each class has BLP Advisors who develop ideas for raising the profile of BLP and are pivotal in explaining the new monthly learning muscles to their peers and identifying how they can use them in their learning.